Zoe Efstathiou Quartet

Zoe Efstathiou (GR) piano
Jedrzej Lagodzinski (PL) sax
Egil Kalman (SE) double bass
Ole Mofjell (NO) drums

The quartet, has been together for two years and has performed and toured in Scandinavia and Europe. The music is built in large structures of immense energy and dense textures of sounds masses, creating exciting environments where the static coexists with the ever-evolving.

‘’Emotionally and intellectually i witness somehting i’ve never experienced before. After inviting her audience inside her performance through a kind presentation of the band, Zoe Efstathiou takes us into an unconventional, yet very appealing landscape of improvised music. Even though we never know where we’ll go, Efstathiou on the piano constantly has the role of the leader and makes both her audience and her band feel safe and curious. The performance is a great experience all the way through.’’ Dorte Hygum Sørensen – Politiken (Denmark)