Zoe Efstathiou – Egil Kalman Duo

Zoe Efstathiou              piano and prepared piano
Egil Kalman            modular synthesizer and double bass

The duo explores the materiality of space by sculpting sound objects which are  dynamically changing through interaction and improvisation. Subtle nuances alter the surface characteristics and boundaries of the objects, evoking a sensuous and tangible experience. Acoustic instruments serve as surfaces for tactile explorations creating transient amorphous rhythmical clouds, often imitating the electronic world. Electronic instruments take the form of physical masses, projecting the gravitational and materiality attributes of the sound with their formations.

By tracing the microlevel sound articulations caused by the phenomenon of harmonic interference, and the through timbral exploration of the piano by the artificial creation of high register harmonics, large scale forms are created where the momentary interpolates with the ever evolving.The music reflects the ephemeral, the transient state between future and past, inviting the listener to experience time as a superficial characteristic of reality.