New Roots Trio


Natale Sandtorv – vocals and gongs
Zoe Efstathiou – prepared piano
Ole Mofjell – prepared drums and percussion

The New Roots Trio performs pieces composed by all of the individual members of the performing trio. The concept is based on the fact that all instruments are used to simulate sounds not belonging to their nature, in addition to the voice being used alternatively and traditionally using words and partial melodic structures. The trio made a huge impact at A L’ARME FESTIVAL playing in the middle of a absolutely packed Radialsystem V in Berlin August 2017. The german weekly newspaper Der Freitag wrote the following about the concert:

“Natalie Sandtorv succeeded with her new project, the New Roots Trio, with an improvisatory masterpiece. In this composed concert for voice, prepared piano and drums, she was supported by the Norwegian drummer Ole Mofjell and the Greek pianist Zoe Efstathiou, who is also known as the master of the prepared piano. Notable, however, was the ability of Ole Mofjell, who, similar to Sandtorv and Efstathiou, used all the possibilities of sound production on his drums and bells, which Natalie Sandtorv added as well as voice improvisations.”